Jim Marsden - Marsdens Law Group - Reimagine Campbelltown

07 MAY 2021


Jim Marsden OAM touches on the recent developments in the downtown area of Dumaresq Street, Campbelltown and the Council's plans for 'Reimagine Campbelltown'.

Jim also discusses the Australian Government's response to the COVID crisis in India and expresses his concern for citizens who are unable to return home to their families.

Finally, Jim reiterates the importance of the COVID vaccine and how this will benefit us as a nation.

Jim Marsden - Marsdens Law Group - Reimagine Campb

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A Notary is an officer of the law who is appointed for life by the Supreme Court and is given statutory powers to draw up, authenticate and execute documents for both national and international purposes. It is important to note that not all solicitors are public notaries but all public notaries are solicitors.
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