Manufacturing and Distribution Contracts

Manufacturing and distribution agreements provide a contractual framework for manufacturers to agree to and allow distributors to distribute goods manufactured by manufacturers. Manufacturing and distribution agreements are necessary to ensure the rights of the manufacturer and distributor are protected. A clear, well written agreement is the best way to ensure your business is protected when entering into a manufacturing and distribution partnership.

Manufacturing and Distribution Agreements range from very simple agreements through to complex arrangements, depending on the type of goods or services distributed and the industry in which the parties operate. Marsdens has experience in negotiating, drafting and reviewing manufacturing and distribution agreements at all levels of complexity, from the standard to the bespoke. It is our goal to provide a competitive edge for your business, by ensuring agreements are drafted on terms beneficial to you.

Marsdens can provide you with the following manufacturing and distribution assistance:

  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts and agreements.
  • Tailoring of manufacturing and distribution agreements to your specific needs.
  • Protecting your brand and intellectual property.
  • Providing advice on issues relating to product warranties and guarantees.

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