Marsdens provides practical and strategic legal advice in Employment Law for both employers and employees to achieve a desirable outcome depending on your circumstances and issue.

We can advise on all workplace issues, draft policy documents, prepare employment contracts and provide representation when necessary.

For employers, some of our services include:

(a) Dispute/litigation during and post engagement relating to employees, independent contractors, consultants, partners, directors and shareholders;

(b) Rights and responsibilities regarding your employees, including health and safety requirements, workplace risks and compliance;

(c) Employment contracts, employee handbooks, policies and procedures;

(d) Employee remuneration and workplace benefits;

(e) Management of employee performance and workplace discipline;

(f) Employee investigations and performance management;

(g) Workplace surveillance;

(h) Termination of employment contracts and consequences of dismissal.

(i) Representation in the Fair Work Commission or Industrial Relations Commission; and

(j) Advice regarding restraint of trade or post employment obligations.

In all cases, we aim to tailor our service to provide practical and commercial solutions for the specific needs of each and every employer.

For employees, we are committed to advocating for an employee’s interests with a view of achieving justice and the best outcome possible.

Some of our services for employees include:

(a) Matters involving redundancy, dismissal and other forms of termination;

(b) Rectifying underpayment;

(c) Workplace discrimination and/or general unfair treatment in the workplace;

(d) Representation in the Fair Work Commission and Industrial Relations Commission for both dismissal and harassment/bullying;

(e) Unsafe or unhealthy workplaces;

(f) Entitlements under an employment contract and Modern Industry Award;

(g) Advising on policies and procedures of employers; and

(h) Data protection and privacy.

Whether your issue is small or large, or you require representation in a Commission or Tribunal, please contact Aaran Johnson or Bharath Balasubramanian to discuss your situation and find out how Marsdens can assist you with your current matter.