You do not need a solicitor to buy or sell a company or a business, however, buying or selling a company or a business is a major transaction in which you need to properly consider a range of legal issues. A solicitor will be able to protect the investments you have made in the business you are selling, or the investments you are about to make in the business you are buying.

A solicitor experienced in company and business transactions will therefore be able to advise you with those issues in order to protect your interests and ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly.

Marsdens’ can assist you if you are purchasing or selling your company or business as follows:

  • Preparing and reviewing the sale agreement.
  • Undertaking the necessary due diligence searches for the company or business being purchased.
  • Facilitate transfer of all of the assets and rights which make up the business.
  • Arrange for the assignment of all business contracts.
  • Liaise with any relevant authorities with respect of the transfer of any statutory licences.
  • Advising on arrangements for transitioning employees as part of the sale.
  • Advising on the structure of the sale to maximise the return on the sale.