Our Dispute Resolution team has experience in dealing with and resolving a wide range of General Litigation disputes, which can often quickly escalate and end up in a courtroom. Regardless of the forum, we are able to assist and advise in all matters concerning litigation.

We have extensive experience in State and Federal level litigation including various Administrative Tribunals. Whether the matter is simple, such a neighbor dispute, fencing dispute, small debt matter, or a more complex dispute such as defamation, our Dispute Resolution team can act and advise in a wide array of litigious matters. 

We have a strong history in assisting the people of Macarthur and Australia at large, we also act for large corporate entities in large scale dispute negotiations and litigation. Our team has extensive experience managing litigation strategies through the course of corporate and commercial disputes. We have acted for many institutional bodies, government bodies, ASX bodies and franchises in a wide variety of novel disputes over the last 50 years.

All businesses will experience a crisis during their trading life. A crisis can manifest from the smallest dispute. Marsdens offers legal consultation in conjunction with diligent and focused crisis management strategies to assist in protecting not only our client’s legal rights, but our client’s image and reputation amidst a disputed matter.

If you have been served with a claim in court or if you wish to commence a court claim, we can provide advice on your merits of success and likely outcome and can work with you to achieve your desired outcome.