A merger involves two (2) companies integrating their operations, generally on an equal basis because they have resources and capabilities that together may create a stronger competitive advantage.


Acquisitions involve one (1) company buying out another company completely.

Joint Ventures

A Joint Venture is the co-operation of two (2) or more individuals or business generally in which each agrees to share profit, loss and control in a specific enterprise.

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are complex commercial matters that require the assistance of specialised legal professionals with experience in these commercial areas.  

Marsden’s Commercial Law solicitors understand the complex matters involved with mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures and can provide the following assistance concerning those transactions:

  • Providing advice on the structure of proposed mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures.
  • Draft all necessary documents to effect the merger, acquisition or joint venture including preparation of any of the following which may be required:
    1. Asset Sale Agreements.
    2. Share Sale Agreements.
    3. Acquisition Agreements.
    4. Joint Venture Agreements.
  • Attending to the transfer of the necessary property.

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