Our Dispute Resolution team led by Partners, Aaran Johnson and Bharath Balasubramanian has experience in commencing and defending Probate and Family Provision Claims in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Our team has experience in acting for those looking to make a claim against an Estate and also on behalf of Executors or Administrators in defending claims against an Estate.

We have a history of obtaining favourable results for our clients, often without having to proceed to a final Hearing, which saves on costs for all parties involved. We work with a variety of highlight skilled Barristers who have experience in the area of Family Provision Law.  

It is important that a claim on an Estate is made within 12 months from the date of death in order for the Court to assess your claim, limited exceptions apply. The Court will assess a large criteria before awarding a provision from an Estate, our team can advise you on your potential claim.

If you are unsure if you may be an eligible person to an Estate or if you wish to challenge a Will, whether you have received a provision from a Will, or if the provision is not sufficient, or you have not received a provision at all, get in touch with our Dispute Resolution team who can provide you with advice regarding your options.