Promised the Perfect Smile but Disappointed?

12 MAY 2020


Many of us have lived through a brother, sister or perhaps have experienced for ourselves the physical pain, discomfort and emotional impact of …. braces.  I recall my brother in excruciating pain.  I recall rather messy eating caused by those damn elastics.  Fortunately, I avoided the drama, not because my teeth were perfect but because braces would have altered my bite and so it wasn’t prudent to proceed.

But hey, who doesn’t want a perfect smile.  Every reality TV star has one.

Unfortunately, from our experience, failed orthodontic treatment appears to be on the increase. Whether that’s in part due to an increase in the number of people seeking treatment in search of the perfect smile or, alternatively, poor practices by orthodontists is debatable.  And treatment is very expensive, often the cost of a good used car, necessitating orthodontists offering payment plans to patients.  This has made treatment more accessible. Afterpay anyone?

We have seen claims arising from grossly extended treatment times, altered bites, a remaining snuggle tooth or 2, and sometimes to such an extent that surgery is needed to correct damage done.

If you are disappointed with your orthodontic treatment then Marsdens are here to provide obligation free advice, just click here to submit an enquiry.

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