Early Release on Parole During the Pandemic

07 APR 2020


A Regulation has been made giving effect to previous law changes allowing for the early release on parole of certain inmates. The changes mean that certain classes of inmate can be released if it is considered necessary to do so because of the risk to public health or the order and security of correctional facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Regulation sets out two classes of inmate that can be released on parole:

  1. Inmates who are higher risk during the pandemic due to existing medical conditions or vulnerabilities;
  2. Inmates whose earliest possible release date is within twelve months.

Inmates can only be released if the Commissioner of Corrective Services is satisfied that their release does not pose an unacceptable risk to the community. The Commissioner must also consider risks to victims, whether the inmate has suitable accommodation upon release, and any other matter the Commissioner considers relevant. The Regulation also specifically excludes maximum security inmates and national security interest inmates, even if they fall in to one of the two classes in the Regulations.

If you would like to discuss an inmate’s potential for early release, please contact Sharon Ramsden on srasmden@marsdens.net.au or by phoning 02 4626 5077. 

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