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Accredited Specialists

Accredited Specialists Marsdens Law Group are different from many other firms as our lawyers are not general practitioners, they specialise in their particular area of law. More info


Partners Partners Jim Marsden OAM Senior Partner jhmarsden@marsdens.net.au 02 4626 5077 Jim is the Senior Partner of Marsdens Law Group and has been in that position for over ten years.Jim... More info

Senior Associates

Senior Associates Senior Associate Jean Alim Senior Associate Accredited Specialist - Family Law jalim@marsdens.net.au 02 4626 5077 Jean Alim is a Senior Associate and a NSW Accredited Specialist in Family Law. More info

Ben Wong

Ben is an Accredited Specialist in Property, Notary Public and Partner in our Property Department. More info

Tom Reeve

Tom is the Partner in charge of Family Law. More info

Aaran Johnson

Aaran is the Partner in charge of Marsdens Law Group's Dispute Resolution & Litigation Department. More info

Tell me about Penalties

Tell me about Penalties The most common question that I get asked as a criminal defence lawyer by my clients is “what do you think I will get"?I reckon it... More info

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law Collaborative Law is a new development in resolving Family Law disputes and it aims to keep divorce out of the Family Law Courts by encouraging clients and their... More info

Adam Seton

Adam is the Partner in charge of Marsdens Law Group’s Local Government, Planning and Environmental Law Section. More info

Bharath Balasubramanian

Bharath is a Partner in our Dispute Resolution & Litigation team and specialises in litigation and dispute resolution, with particular experience of disputes involving Corporations, Contracts, Building and Construction, Bankruptcy... More info

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