Sharon is an experienced advocate obtaining Criminal Law Specialist Accreditation in 2015. She has over 10 years’ experience practicing exclusively in Criminal Law. Sharon obtained Partner in 2019 in demonstrating outstanding advocacy on behalf of our clients. In addition, has demonstrated a strong determination to do the best for her client whilst in Court on a daily basis.

Ensuring clear and appropriate advice is provided to her clients is a main focus for Sharon. She provides advice and can appear on your behalf in all aspects of criminal cases, commencing with Bail/Release Applications in the Local Court or Supreme Court, right through to defended Hearings or Trials, Sentence proceedings and Court of Criminal Appeal matters.

She is experienced in assisting people with personal difficulties such as mental health conditions and is well versed in the principles that apply to Criminal cases where a person suffers a mental health condition. This can apply in numerous ways including, applications under Section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act, Sentencing and mental health, not guilty mental illness and substantive impairment.

Her Criminal Law Practice is diverse and rangers from Local Court matters such as Traffic and Driving offences, to Local Court defended matters and Sentence matters from such as, Domestic Violence, Affray, Drug Supply or Cultivate Prohibited Plant, Fraud and Property offences. Sharon has defended and appeared for hundreds of clients in this jurisdiction with successful outcomes.

A significant portion of Sharon’s work involves indictable matters, that being serious criminal offences that can only be dealt with by a Judge of the District Court or before a Jury. Part of this includes instructing Counsel in Jury Trials both in the District and Supreme Court. Further, Sharon appears regularly in the District Court in Severity Appeals, Conviction Appeals and Sentence matters for serious crime both State and Commonwealth.

The current indictable practices include charges such as Sexual Assault, Manslaughter, Drug Offences, Drug Importation, Break and Enter Offences and Personal Violence Offences and others.

As an Accredited Specialist, Sharon is a member of the Legal Aid Criminal Panel and the Serious Crime Panel, allowing her to appear in matters such as, complex District Court Trials such as Drug Manufacture and Supply charges, Sexual Assault matters and Manslaughter matters. Further, Supreme Court Trials such as Murder and Appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

In relation to matters of a particularly serious nature, where Counsel is briefed, Sharon has connections with Barristers of significant experience and skill working within Criminal Law and regularly briefs experienced Junior Counsel and Senior Counsel.

Sharon has significant experiences appearing in the Coronial Jurisdiction; including the Inquest of Matthew Leveson and more recently, the Inquest of William Tyrell.


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