Ghazal is a solicitor in our Property Department working exclusively with Partners, Ben Wong and Amit Kumar. Ghazal has always been passionate about Property Law and strives to become a property specialist. She is a highly dedicated professional who constantly strives for excellence. During her time at Marsdens, Ghazal has worked on a range of complex matters concerning domestic and commercial property.

Ghazal completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at The University of Notre Dame graduating in 2021. She then completed my Graduate Diploma in Legal practise at the College of Law before being admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of NSW in July 2021. 

Ghazal is from the Parramatta area and has grown up with a strong sense of community and has been dedicated to assisting and serving her community. From a young age, Ghazal has been involved in community building activities that facilitate the growth and betterment of the community. Ghazal values helping others, and says this is why she chose to join the legal profession to allow her to help those who are facing injustice. Ghazal endeavours to place the needs and interest of her clients at the forefront of her focus and work, to ultimately provide her clients with the best outcome for their legal matter. 

Outside of work, Ghazal enjoys thrill seeking experiences, and is also a BIG foodie and you will often find her enjoying new restaurants and cafes. Apart from thrill seeking and food, she most importantly values spending quality time with her family and partner.