Andrew is a Family Law Associate at the Marsdens Law Group’s Liverpool office. He works with Tom Reeve, the Partner in charge of our Family Law Department. Andrew has worked exclusively in Family Law since 2015. 

Andrew’s qualifications are a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in Spanish and International Relations from Macquarie University. He is admitted as a solicitor at the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. 

Andrew specialises in high value/complex property matters. He has intimate experience with property matters involving wineries, horticultural properties, receiver managers appointed pursuant to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the defence of third parties from claims by a spousal party. Andrew, along with Tom Reeve have instructed Justin Gleeson SC at the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia involving a Binding Financial Agreement protecting a complex property pool of discretionary trusts and corporate entities. 

Andrew is also a confident advocate in Court. He appeared as solicitor advocate in a reported decision of Shah & Shah [2018] FCCA 1103 (8 May 2018). He appears at Direction Hearings, Conciliation Conferences, Contested Interim Hearings at the Family Court of Australia, Family Court of Western Australia, and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Andrew favours an exploration and solution-focused approach to Family Law matters. Essentially, Andrew aims to provide a non-judgmental space where he works with his client to explore his client's circumstances, values, needs and wants. This approach allows Andrew to identify the short term and long term issues in his client's matter. By doing so, he ensures that his client's case remains grounded so that his clients avoid unnecessary costs, delay and ongoing stress.

Andrew's clients compliment him on his down to earth nature, efficiency, his no-nonsense approach towards family law and ability to explain complex legal concepts in plain English.

Outside of work, Andrew is interested in mindfulness meditation, photography, history and hiking. As a Singaporean-Australian, Andrew is keenly interested in keeping in contact with Singapore and the Singaporean community.