Make Sure you do your Research Before Undergoing Any Cosmetic Surgery

26 NOV 2020


Let’s be honest, almost every woman would like to change something about her appearance – and why not! We should all be entitled to be happy in our own skin, right? However, it appears that many are not doing their research before they consider undergoing surgery.

In September 2020, the Health Care Complains Commission brought proceedings against a Doctor who was performing cosmetic surgery, mainly breast augmentations in his Sydney clinic.

Many of the patients were travelling interstate to have their surgeries performed by the Doctor. Some of the complaints included:

  • The surgeries were performed in the Doctors’ unlicensed private health facilities. 
  • The Doctor failed to obtain informed consent from a patient “within a reasonable time before surgery on four occasions”. One of the patients reported that she was not given the consent form until the day of the surgery, after she had taken two Valium tablets.
  • He also inappropriately woke the patients up during the surgery to discuss the outcome of their surgery.
  • Failed to provide adequate post-operative care for the patients. For example, discharging after 20 minutes of operative procedures being performed.   
  • Interestingly, also, the Doctor invited the friends and relatives of the patient to come into the operation room to obtain their opinion about the patients breast implants!  

The Doctors’ actions were considerably criticised particularly, in relation to inviting family and friends into the surgery room to comment on the implants. This action resulted in the patients being exposed to risk of infection as well as the visitors being in absolutely no position to make a decision on the outcome of the surgery.

The Civil and Administrative Tribunal of NSW decided that the Doctors’ registration be cancelled.

The take away is that no matter now desperate you may be to improve your appearance it is always advisable that, prior to making any firm decisions in relation to having cosmetic surgery, you do your research!

The contents of this publication are for reference purposes only. This publication does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Specific legal advice should always be sought separately before taking any action based on this publication.    

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