Could this new communication tool provide a solution for separating parents?

10 FEB 2020


As you would expect, separation is often a difficult time for people and can cause great emotional distress. A common side effect of this is a breakdown in communication and high-conflict situations. In today’s technological world, people have access to new and innovative smartphone apps that could offer a solution. These apps are designed to ease tension between parties by simplifying communication methods and focusing on only what needs to be discussed for the benefit of children. Three examples of these useful communication apps are OurFamilyWizard, 2houses and MyMob.

OurFamilyWizard features a shared calendar where parents can input their children’s’ schedules. It also has a message board with a ‘ToneMeter’ that alerts the writer to an overly emotive phrase before they send a message they may regret. The app also has an expenses log to track shared expenses, an info bank to store important information and a journal to record memories.


2houses also features an interactive calendar, which can be copied to your smartphone or shared with others. Its financial management system allows parents to stay on top of joint expenses. The app also features a messaging tool, information bank for the children’s details and a shared photo album and journal.


 MyMob has a messaging board that allows families to keep in touch. Its diary feature ensures that everyone can coordinate their schedules. It also has a feature where photos can be uploaded and memories can be shared, like most families would do on their fridges.


These apps all have different types of accounts that can be held by different family members, not just parents. This includes grandparents and children, who have access only to information that is relevant to them.

These innovative apps make it easier for parents to communicate by removing some of the tension from a high-conflict situation. While it may only appeal to tech-savvy individuals, giving the smartphone apps a try is certainly worthwhile if it means reducing stress for parents, children and extended family when communicating and coordinating with each other.

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