BASIX Certificates No Longer Required for Large Boarding Houses

20 OCT 2022


The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021 (“EP&A Regulation 2021”) commenced on 1 March 2022 and applies to development applications submitted on or after this date instead of the former Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (“EP&A Regulation 2000”).

The EP&A Regulation 2021 incorporates sweeping amendments to the EP&A Regulation 2000, including a subtle amendment to the requirements for the submission of BASIX certificates with development applications proposing the construction of larger boarding houses, hostels and co-living housing.

Section 27 of the EP&A Regulation 2021 provides as follows with respect to “BASIX Development”:

“27        BASIX development

(1)        A development application for BASIX development must be accompanied by—

(a)        a relevant BASIX certificate for the development issued no earlier than 3 months before the day on which the development application is lodged, and

(b)        the other matters required by the BASIX certificate.

(2)        If the development involves the alteration of a BASIX building that contains more than 1 dwelling, a separate BASIX certificate is required for each dwelling.”

Schedule 7 of the EP&A Regulation 2021 provides the following definitions of “BASIX development” and “BASIX building” (with emphasis added):

BASIX development means the following development if it is not BASIX excluded development—

(a)        development that involves the erection, but not the relocation, of a BASIX building,

(b)        development that involves a change of building use by which a building becomes a BASIX building,

(c)        development that involves the alteration of a BASIX building, if the estimated construction cost of the development is $50,000 or more,

(d)        development for the purposes of a swimming pool or spa, or combination of swimming pools and spas, that—

(i)         services 1 dwelling only, and

(ii)        has a capacity, or combined capacity, of 40,000 litres or more.”

BASIX building means a building that contains at least 1 dwelling, but does not include the following—

(a)        hotel or motel accommodation,

(b)        a boarding house, hostel or co-living housing that—

(i)         accommodates more than 12 residents, or

(ii)        has a gross floor area exceeding 300 square metres.”

Boarding houses, hotels and co-living housing accommodating more than 12 residents or with a GFA exceeding 300m2 are therefore not a “BASIX building” or “BASIX Development”, and do not require the submission of a BASIX certificate with a development application under the EP&A Regulation 2021.


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