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Will I need my medical records?

It is very likely that you will require a copy of your medical records, not only from the medical practitioner or hospital against whom the claim is being investigated, but also from other practitioners or hospitals who have provided medical treatment to you. Those records may be required in relation to treatment in the period prior to the alleged negligent medical treatment, and also treatment provided in the period after the alleged negligence. Marsdens routinely obtain these records when investigating such claims. 

Am I entitled to my medical records?

Public hospitals operate under a policy which allows access to hospital records in most cases on completion of a request for provision of those medical records and payment of a fee.  Some records may not be released if the hospital considers that they contain sensitive material which may harm you.  In those circumstances, the documents may be released to a third party such as a medical practitioner.  Both the Privacy Act and the Government Information (Public Access) Act entitle you to copies of documentation in certain circumstances.  Again, a form will need to be completed and in most cases, a fee paid for access to medical records.

Will I need to attend medical appointments?

It is likely that you will need to attend medical appointments organised by your lawyer and by the insurer of the medical practitioner or hospital.  These appointments are necessary in order to determine the injuries and disabilities you have suffered and quantify the likelihood that you will incur future losses including wage loss, treatment expenses and the requirement for personal care and domestic assistance.

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