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Workers Compensation

If you suffer an injury in the course of your employment and that injury has been substantially caused by work, whether you may be at fault or not, you will be entitled to receive various compensation benefits whilst you recover from your injuries.  You may also be entitled to claim compensation for any injuries received during a break from work including, for example, an injury during your lunch break, and for any injuries received in the course of a journey to or from work if this occurred prior to 19 June 2012. 

The substantial removal of the availability of journey claims as at 19 June 2012 does not affect any claim for an injury sustained in the course of driving or travelling whilst in the course of employment.

A workers compensation claim will be unsuccessful if the injury was sustained as a result of serious and wilful misconduct on behalf of the worker or if the worker was under the influence of alcohol or drugs where that effect would have contributed to the injury occurring. A breach of employer operating instructions does not constitute serious or wilful misconduct.



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