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"Very happy about overall services."


Anonymous - July 2016

"Sharon Ramsden was very impressive and we were delighted with the way she represented our case achieving the best possible outcome."

Harley Cairns - June 2016

Dear Sharon,

I just wanted to put into writing my sincere gratitude for your dedicated work on my case.

I know we were all pleasantly surprised at the outcome and it wasn't due to luck. It was due to the preparartion and diligence that was put into the case. I took all of your advice and it paid off.

Thank you for always being there to answer my questions, even though at times, I asked them more than once. You showed lots of patience and understanding.

I am aware that due to my financial situation, you were generous with your time and your expenses, so I appreciate that very much.

Your recommendation of Jeff Tunks was also inspired.

If our paths don't cross again, I just would like to say thank you very much for your professional services and wish you well. I wish we had met under different circumstances. Of course, I would recommend your services to anyone who may have need of them (but I sincerely hope it won't be me!!)

Take care and look after yourself,

Warmest regards 

Anonymous - November 2015

"My husband and I recently engaged Sharon Ramsden to help us with a matter involving our daughter, and the case concluded on Friday of last week.  We could not be more happy with the outcome.
I wanted to let you know that both my husband, Jonathan, and I were so impressed with the work Sharon did, her approach, her professionalism, her warmth and sympathetic manner to all of our family.  She was not only a complete delight to work with, she was so reassuring in the face of our panic, she was so well informed, so smart and so switched on, she was wonderful, and we can’t thank her enough for all she did for us.
One other thing I wanted to pass on, and I know she probably won’t tell you this, but the Magistrate made a special mention to Sharon in terms of her application for the Section 32. He said that it was very unusual to see  such a well thought out, well prepared and presented document, and he thanked her for it and also said “I enjoy that”, which made me smile.
So again, she is a wonderful ambassador for your firm, we can’t thank her enough for all she has done for us!"
Best regards


Anonymous - September 2015

"Thank you for helping my son who is very grateful. He said that you were professional and impressive. This turned out to be a very good outcome."


Traecy - August 2015

"Sharon Ramsden has been exceptional. She is extremely bright and knowing. She is the future of the group."


Sascha Breitfusss - May 2015

"Sharon Ramsden was a very professional lawyer who was very straight forward but reasuring solicitor who delivered the result that was desired after clearely explaining what was required of me. I could not be happier with the outcome and I am ever grateful."


Annonymous - May 2015

"This may seem over-stated, but I was so impressed with the understanding and professionalism of Sharon. And the result was outstanding!"

Wesley Dayton - May 2015

"Service was very professional and I am quite happy to recommend Sharon Ramsden and Marsdens to anyone that would require service"

Scott Moran - March 2015

"I truly felt I was being taken well care of in this unpleasent time. Ugo was very approachable and professional in his manner. I felt safe and secure in his handling of my court case. I'm a nervous person but he did his best to put me at ease. Thank you"

Margaret Miller - December 2014

"Marsdens have been acting on my behalf for 4 years now namely Sharon Ramsden has been there for me. I would like to thank and show my appreciation to all staff at Marsdens"

Nathan Wright - December 2014

"My solicitor Sharon Ramsden was very helpful with information in regards to my case. Sharon has done a excellent job. I would definately come back to her in the future. Thank you Sharon for your help, I am extremely grateful"

J Cowan - August 2014

"I have been very happy with your service."

V Paoli - March 2014

"Completely satisfied, Sharon did a fantastic job with an excellent outcome."

Garth Wright - March 2014

"The solicitor, Sharon Ramsden, was excellent. I would recommend her for any criminal law matter."

Bradley Tedeschi - September 2013

"Excellent service with an excellent result. Thank you!"

Liam Duval - July 2013

"I am extremely pleased with the way my case was dealt with by Marsdens Solicitors during the 2 years of which I was involved with them. I think there couldn't have been a better outcome!"

N. Wright - May 2013

"Thanks to all that encouraged me to go to the Marsdens Law Group. Previously I attended another law group. They handled my case badly. But took my money. I was hurt. Others heard or my situation, said  "go to Marsdens, they know what they are doing". I did, I went to Liverpool branch. I found them to be pleasant, polite and they handled my case with sensitivity and kindness. Hence the case was won in court. Thank you from a reformed and happy man keep up your good work".

Ben Dudley - November 2012

"I am indebted to you for your great representation of me in my matter before the Campbelltown Court. I have checked at the RTA office and they advised that I have no points against my licence as at the 24th September. Again thank you.

My daughter and I were very impressed at the genuine sympathy and compassion that you showed in representing your other client before the court that day. I hope that he and his family appreciated the way you argued his case. Your compassion restored my faith in the value of a good Catholic education and upbringing.

I hope I never have cause for such representation again but I can assure you I know where to go if I should."

Anonymous - October 2012

"You both did an incredible amount of work that was all spot on and error free. Compared to my last lawyer who did the absolute minimum work - then charged me top dollar (only for us to find most of her advice was just pain wrong with John and I totally in the dark as to what she was / was not doing) and so it was like chalk and cheese when I look at all the detailed legal advice letters we got from your firm.

So a big thank you to you both. The result that you got for us was / is priceless - as it was going to make John's job hunting and career prospects in Australia quite difficult and blighted.

I will be dropping something by your office for the reason that I feel you both really went the whole 9 yards and that deserves a special thank you. Not many peopple give the whole nine yards these days and the result you got for us is truly magnificent."

David & John - August 2012

"This is the first time that I have ever had to deal with a legal matter and with one phone call my fears were laid to rest.  The whole matter was dealt with great efficiency.

A huge weight was lifted off my stressed shoulders"

Rod Williams - July 2012

"Could not have asked for better service!"

Mr Davenport - June 2012

"I met with Sharon Ramsden at your Campbelltown office. I found Sharon to be extremely professional, diligent and empathetic to my "situation". As the weeks progressed and my court date become closer Jeff and Sharon were in regular contact with me keeping me up to date with my case.

I have dealt with solicitors in the past both professionally and personally and had a perception that they were more conscious of making money from a client rather than coming from a position of helping a fellow human being in a difficult position.

I have to say quite emphatically that I felt with Jeff and Sharon it was less about making money from a client and more about helping me as they could see I was struggling somewhat emotionally with issues I had and still have in my personal life. I honestly felt they cared about me."

December, 2011

"I am not a lawyer but was in complete awe and admiration at Jeff's skills and professional ability. I could tell the magistrate was gobsmacked and really had very little to say as she knew Jeff had done his homework. The entire matter was over in no less than five minutes and we received the outcome we had hoped for. I was extremely relieved and felt I had "shaken the monkey off my back" as this matter had concerned me for a number of months.

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Jeff and Sharon. I cannot praise them both highly enough. I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending Jeff or Sharon to a family member of friend should they require their services. They were simply brilliant."

December, 2011

Dear Jeff,

"It is with the deepest gratitude that I write and thank you for all you have done for me.

I gave you a veterans hug after court and I surprised you. You will always see returned men give a quick hug, as the feeling is so strongly formed through the hell of combat. That's how I felt outside court and that's why you got one.

I simply cannot thank you enough so I'll stop. However, I will call you a name that is an honour to wear."

Thanks Digger.

Dear Mr Tunks,

"I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you having taken on my case and represent me in court.

The experience as the most awful, humiliating circumstance which I will not be repeating any time soon! However, I am aware that it could have been a lot worse, were it not for your efforts. "

Thank you

Dear Jeff,

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time, effort and genuine interest you gave during a most difficult time for Andrew and our whole family.

We always understood the seriousness of the charges and can only be thankful we had such an experienced professional person represent Andrew during a most difficult and most difference process.

We know how busy you are but it is important that you know how grateful we were to have you represent Andrew and our family. "

Yours thankfully.

Dear Jeff,

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the wonderful support you gave to, not only (to my sons), but also to myself. As you were no doubt aware, this was a very stressful time for all of us throughout his 14 month period.

Jeff as I have previously mentioned, I never doubted you and had complete confidence in your abilities to achieve a good outcome for my sons. Once again, thank you very much for your wonderful assistance in this matter. Although the circumstances were not ideal I was grateful to have the opportunity to get to know both you and Vicki as you are both extremely nice people.

Once again thank you both very much for your wonderful support. "


"For your excellent service and support in my matter I can not thank you enough. To be a serving police officer, being charged for an incident undertaken as part of my duties, then to be denied assistance by our union, has been one of the lowest points in my life.

During numerous phone calls and face to face advice provided by Mr Evans during a conference with barrister, and my relentless emails. Mr Evans support and professionalism has been totally inspirational to me. My stress over this whole matter was alleviated and I was able to concentrate on enjoying life with my young family, confident in the knowledge my matter was being handled by two of the best solicitors I have ever encountered, in eight years of policing in Sydney I have met quite a few.

Thank you so much for supporting me! "

G'day Mate,

"I wanted to say thanks for your fabulous efforts and commitment to us, your professionalism, advice and the way you controlled everything to bring about an amazing result speaks volumes, but more than that you are someone we needed to learn on and believe in you as ‘our' focal pint point in this for over 4 years, you were always there for us and carried the weight of our ‘leaning' in your stride that gave us great comfort and the resolve to carry on and I want you to know what would have happened if we were represented by some of the ‘flakes' during this.

Even though you do not look for it understand that as we move through life, rarely does someone meet a person that through all circumstances touches you, like you have us, and while we daily drive to forget about all this we will never forget you, when we come to realise that all this negative stuff is forgotten we will remember you.

I know all these words are embarrassing you, but I needed to tell you the deep and profound affect you have had on us and the way you will always be remembered.

Thank you is a phrase used sometimes in a glib fashion, but it can also be a phrase what comes from deep within oneself when other words just don't say it so meaningfully, complete and total and we can thank you enough. "


Hi Louise,

"While we are aware of Jeff's busy schedule, we would be honoured if he would take us up on this, not only in celebration of the superb outcome he generated for me in the court room and the remarkable outcomes that he achieved for me but also out of respect for the diligence, honesty, integrity and high character that he has shown and extended to me during the absence of my parents oversees. It has been well beyond the call of duty and not taken for granted.

It was an absolute fluke, that Jeff, being the busiest Senior Partner solicitor he is at Marsdens just happened to have a day off when George called in my desperate time of need when I was originally arrested and held in custody with police down at Surry Hills police station. Jeff came to my rescue on short notice, with great efficiency and in super fast time.

My mother was very distraught and I believe was suffering from chronic anxiety and shell shock, barely able to string together a sentence or coherently take in information. My concentration and cognition was substantially deteriorated and I needed help badly Jeff was there for me.

When my parents went overseas, Jeff assured my mother to enjoy themselves and that he would look after me. Jeff did this. Again Jeff was there for me.

To me and my family, Jeff is a criminal solicitor, a gentleman and a man considered a friend."

Dear Jeff,

"We just wanted to say a BIG thankyou for all of your help with my case. We couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again! "

Best Regards,

P.S Please thank Louise too, she was GREAT!


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