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"A huge thank you to Tess Danjoux for all her support over the last two years."

Jennifer Boreland - January 2017

"Have already recommended Marsdens to people."

Arthur Mucha - January 2017

"From the beginning of the case you showed me a genuine commitment together with compassion that followed through the course of the next 5 years. I can't and never will be able to show you my gratitude and appreciation. You were always available to not only myself but Nathan who I know contacted you several times. He also was genuinely touched by your compassion and commitment. This alone shows your dedication to your career and the people you represent.
I am more content now the matter has been resolved and no longer question myself about the "IF's"!!!

Once again, MANY THANKS."

Debbie Hawthorne - October 2016

"My name is Lance Millington and i am writing to you in recognition of the work of Mr Brian Fromholtz and the team of people working with him.

In October 2011 I was injured at work and so began a very difficult journey for myself and my family.

Having received previous legal guidance and support from Marsdens Law Group I immediately sought counsel and met with Mr Fromholtz.

Throughout the last 4 years Brian has never failed with his guidance, advice and words of support. My matter was handled with a professional yet personal approach that i have come to know and appreciate. At all times Brian has been open, honest and where necessary blunt, always with a sense of commitment to my matter. He has brought clarity to an otherwise difficult time and often been the firm word and light humour on darker days.

At present I am still receiving guidance and counsel from Mr Joe Bonura but have been remiss in not previously writing to you with regards to the exemplary work of Mr Fromholtz.

I would recommend Marsdens Law Group, and have done so, to friends, family, indeed anyone requiring intelligent, professional and proficient legal advice and support and will continue to do so.


You have my gratitude and respect.

Kind Regards,


Lance Millington"

Lance Millington - March 2016

"Even though my parents couldn't speak English very well our solicitor took time to explain the situation so we could all understand the lawful requirements and where we stood at the time. He is very professional, friendly and very helful. Thank you very much Joe Bonura and staff we are happy with the outcome and will use you again if needed. Thanks Team."

Dan Stepanovich - June 2015

"Thanks Joe Bonura you're the best."

Rod Stepanovich - June 2015

"I found Joe Bonura EXCELLENT, he was very professional in all matters regarding my case. I would recommend him to all my friends in a heart beat"

Gaile Dwyer - March 2015

"We have been treated by Marsdens very good. We will recommend them to family members and the community. Marsdens have always been confidential, and they delivered trust, respect and privacy in the issues that they have dealt with for our family. Well done Marsdens team. Special thanks to Joe Bonura, Thanks, Thanks"

D Hidalgo - May 2014

"I have referred my daughter already, I always say to everyone that needs a solicitor to go to Marsdens. Joe Bonura is great, because of the great job that you do, it doesn't matter about the cost. They are the best".

Anon - July 2013

"Joe, Brodie and the team always were very obliging and professional. Their understanding during my 3 year ordeal was second to none. Thank you! "

Milos Stepanovich - March 2013

"To be honest I'm very happy to have someone represent me like Marsdens, and I discussed with Joe Bonura you can open a firm in Bankstown because I would refer lots of clients to Marsdens. I am very happy with your firm".

Nijma Choukair - September 2012

"I found Joe very easy to talk to, he always followed everything up and always got back to me. He was very knowledgeable and professional in every part of my claim and always explained everything to  me. I would definitely recommend Joe and your law office to anyone that I know who would need to access to your services".

Sharmayne Hansen - August 2012

"They answered everything I asked them!"

Najah El Masri - July 2012


"I would like to offer my warmest regards and thanks to your staff and congratulate you and your team of hard working and talented girls. Firstly, Tess Danjoux, who over several years carefully prepared my case, to Caroline Carson who delicately and accurately prepared the statements and to the girls at your front desk, Jade and Kim, for politely receiving the endless phone calls to your office.

I know that you and your family have been long time supporters of the local community, I am pleased to call Marsdens my lawyers."


Costa Bakis- October 2011


"Very happy in everyway I'd love to thank you for a fabulous experience."

Daniella Ashmore -June 2011


"Joe Bonura was very professional. He was great to try to understand all the issues. I was very happy to have him on the case, I would not hesitate to recommend Joe or Marsdens to others. Any furthur legal matters i have, Marsdens will be my first choice."


Bruce Eager - February 2010


"Very much would like to thank Joe Bonura."


Wayne Scherf -July 2009


" I can't imagine a better service, Joe took me on from another local law firm and was professional from start to finish. He made many estimates and suggestions that were spot on everytime. I tell anyone I know that may require legal assistance to not even consider anyone else. I have had other legal matters in the past dealt with by other firms who simply dont come close to comparison. Once again thank you so much Joe!"


Mark Skelly - July 2009


"I couldn't have been better looked after and informed from Dawn and Brian Fromholtz and the way they hooked me. They gave me the right advice and upon making a Will I cant praise Deb Vardy and the way she and her staff looked after me. A job well done, thank you."


Anonymous - March 2009


"I have dealings with Marsdens Law Group and I personally would highly recommend them. Their work is very outstanding."


Hazel Peck - October 2009


"Thanks. Joe was fantastic."


Anonymous -February 2009


"Joe Bonura was a wonderful bloke and worth more money! Thanks a million!"


Joel Borg - February 2009


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