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Accredited Specialists

Every solicitor at Marsdens has a broad-based legal knowledge. However, we recognise the necessity to provide a high level of specialist advice. To ensure this is provided at all times, Marsdens has NSW Law Society Specialist Accreditations in various areas of law as follows.


  • Aaran

    Aaran Johnson

    Partner - Commerical Litigation Accredited Specialist

    e: ajohnson@marsdens.net.aup: 02 9233 1133

    Aaran is the Partner in charge at our Sydney office. Aaran is a Law Society of NSW Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation and has been with the Dispute Resolution Department of  Marsdens Law Group since 2007. Read more about Aaran...

  • Adam

    Adam Seton

    Partner - Local Government & Planning Law Accredited Specialist

    e: aseton@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Adam is the Partner in charge of our Local Government, Planning and Environmental Law Section. He has been with Marsdens since 1986 and became a Partner in 1995.  Read more about Adam...

  • Elyse

    Elyse White

    Partner - Estate Litigation Department & Claim Assessor

    e: ewhite@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Elyse is a Partner in our Estate Litigation Department and is a Claim Assessor for NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority.
    Read more about Elyse...

  • Grant

    Grant Butterfield

    Partner - Advocacy Accredited Specialist

    e: gbutterfield@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Grant is the Partner in Charge of our Dispute Resolution Department and has been with Marsdens since 1996. Read more about Grant...

  • Jean

    Jean Alim

    Senior Associate - Family Law Accredited Specialist

    e: jalim@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4655 7121

    Jean Alim is an Associate at our Campbelltown office and is a NSW Family Law Accredited Specialist.
    Read more about Jean...

  • Joe

    Joe Bonura

    Partner - Personal Injury Law Accredited Specialist

    e: jbonura@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Joe is the Partner in charge of the Compensation Law Department and has been with Marsdens since 1995. He has worked exclusively in the Compensation Law team.  Read more about Joe...

  • Justin

    Justin Thornton

    Partner - Business Law Accredited Specialist

    e: jthornton@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Justin is the Partner in charge of Marsdens' Commercial Law Department and has been with Marsdens for over ten years. Justin is also an Accredited Specialist in Business Law.
    Read more about Justin...

  • Nevine

    Nevine Youssef

    Partner - Family Law Accredited Specialist & FDRP

    e: nyoussef@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Nevine has been a member of the Marsdens team since 1996 and is Partner in charge of the Family Law team in Campbelltown. Nevine is also a Family Law Accredited Specialist.  Read more about Nevine...

  • Peter

    Peter Crittenden

    Partner - Property Law Accredited Specialist

    e: pcrittenden@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Peter is an Accredited Specialist in Property Law and manages the Property Department at Campbelltown. Peter has expertise in many aspects of Property Law including Domestic and Corporate Conveyancing. Read more about Peter...

  • Rahul

    Rahul Lachman

    Partner - Business Law Accredited Specialist

    e: rlachman@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Rahul joined Marsdens in 2007 and is a Partner within our Commercial Department. He currently works with Justin Thornton who is also a Partner.
    Read more about Rahul...

  • Sharon

    Sharon Ramsden

    Senior Associate - Criminal Law Accredited Specialist

    e: sramsden@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Sharon is a Criminal Law Accredited Specialist and practises exclusively in Criminal Law and appearing in all Jurisdictions from Local Court to appearances in the Supreme Court Trials.
    Read more about Sharon...

  • Tom

    Tom Reeve

    Partner - Family Law Accredited Specialist

    e: treeve@marsdens.net.aup: 02 9233 1133

    Tom is the Senior Partner in charge of Family Law and Immigration.  Tom has many years experience as a Specialist Family Law solicitor and as such is now considered an expert in this field.  Read more about Tom...

  • Tess

    Tess Danjoux

    Senior Associate - Personal Injury Law Accredited Specialist

    e: tdanjoux@marsdens.net.aup: 02 4626 5077

    Tess has been an integral part of our Personal Injury Team since starting at Marsdens in 2002.
    Read more about Tess...









































































































































































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