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What will it cost?

Medical negligence cases can be expensive, both for the injured party to pursue and for the medical practitioner or hospital to defend.  Most cases will require expert evidence in the form of reports from appropriate specialists and these reports can be costly.

At Marsdens we conduct these cases, if they have merit, on a no win/no pay basis in relation to payment of our professional costs.  This means that you do not pay our legal fees for the time spent preparing your case until the conclusion of the matter and then only if your claim is successful. 

In relation to expenses, this will primarily relate to the cost of obtaining clinical notes and expert reports.  Marsdens have a database of experienced medical and other experts available to provide reports of high quality. In most cases, you will be required to fund those expenses at least initially, in order to determine the likelihood of success of your claim.  Once it is established that you have an arguable case, then other arrangements can be discussed if you are experiencing financial difficulty. 

The total costs involved, particularly in relation to expenses, will be discussed with you by your Marsdens solicitor at the initial appointment.

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