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Do I have a Case?

Often patients are told by nurses at hospitals or indeed, their general practitioners, that they are concerned regarding the treatment provided to them by a hospital, specialist or other health care proffesional. Alternatively, you may just be very suspicious that something has gone significantly wrong with your treatment and this is now causing you significant pain, suffering and loss, including in some cases, financial loss. If you have the slightest concern, then we invite you to contact your Marsdens solicitor, either by telephone or by email.  To submit an email enquiry, please click here.

The need for detailed investigation

The process of determining whether you have a viable medical negligence case requires a detailed investigation process.  This commences with obtaining clinical notes and detailed statements from you and any other important witnesses.  Various other documents will also need to be obtained to quantify your loss.  The next step requires obtaining expert medical evidence both in relation to the liability of the doctor and/or hospital, and the nature of your injuries.  Once those reports have been obtained, we will review all of the material and provide you with advice regarding the prospects of success of your claim and its value.

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