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Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a broad and complex area. It requires not only sound legal knowledge but also experience and an understanding of commercial transactions and commercial enterprises.

Marsdens is well equipped in all of those areas to provide advice and assistance in relation to any commercial matter and has done so over a number of years to clients ranging from ‘mums and dads’ to large public and private companies, government and the finance industry.

In particular, Marsdens Commercial Law Partner's Justin Thornton and Rahul Lachman are the only Law Society Accredited Business Law Specialist in the Macarthur area and together they lead a committed team of commercial solicitors.

Our expertise includes assisting in the following areas of law:

·                     Corporations Law.

·                     Business Law.

·                     Sale and Purchase of Company Shares.

·                     Sale and Purchase of Businesses.

·                     Franchising.

·                     Partnerships and Joint Venture.

·                     Intellectual Property (including copyright, trademarks and patents).

·                     Building and Construction Contracts.

·                     Australian Consumer Law.

·                     Insolvency, Administration & Liquidation Law.

·                    Tendering.

·                     Contracts and Deeds.

·                     Mortgage and Securities Law.

·                     Tax Law (including Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty and Land Tax).

·                    Incorporated Associations.

·                    Information technology.

·                    Finance and security (including PPSA).

·                     Equity and Trusts.

·                    Planning Agreements.

·                    Native Title & Aboriginal Land Claims.

·                     Associations and Clubs.

Marsdens prides itself on providing accurate, practical and cost effective advice in these and all other areas of Commercial Law and can therefore add value to your business regardless of the issue with which you require assistance.

If you require any assistance with a Commercial Law matter, then please contact:

Justin Thornton on jthornton@marsdens.net.au or 4626 5077

Rahul Lachman on rlachman@marsdens.net.au or 4626 5077 or

Jim Marsden on jhmarsden@marsdens.net.au or 4626 5077.



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